Patrick Dantressangle

Anza-Borrego Desert (after El Nino) 4/98

South of Palm Spring, extends the desert of Anza-Borrego approximately 2700 ft above the sea level. Around 6000 years ago, this desert was inhabited. 200 years ago, Yuman and Shoshonean were still living here. One can find ustensils embedded in the rock ( mortars, pots). Many petroglyphs, pictographs and paintings were found on rocks as well. This year 98, rain (thanks to "El Nino") allowed an exceptional blossoming: this desert is very rich in flora.

"Point View": A very desolated and lunar aspect. An impression of life emerges from these thousands cacti named "Tree Cholla". The sunlight gives an impression of velvety softness to them " Tree Cholla " can reach 2m. When a small part fall off,
it starts again as a new plant.
The detail of the skeleton
of the "Tree Cholla"
A "Bevertail cactus" First contact with a "little green man" with spines. The meeting went fine. "The Ocotillos" Their spines are more than 2 cm long A corner of Paradise in the desert: The Oasis, with some "Californian Fan Palm"
River and shade: delighful after a long hike under the desert sun These palm trees do not give dates but a black fruit "berries" of 1,25cm. The "Cholla Duck", can reach 2,44m A "Barrel cactus": Its flowers give juicy & fat fruits. One makes sugar candy with it. It is now protected. Its flowers are sometimes orange and red The desert is covered with gold with these yellow flowers called "Bittlebush"
Here we can see the "Ocotillo" red flowers The "Ocotillos" seem to launch their tentacles towards the sky "Ocotillo" remains without leaves for a year, then they grow on top of the spines after the rain and then fall quickly.

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