Patrick Dantressangle

Arches July 2001

Arches is located near Moab Utah. this park host more than 2000 arches. Extreme temperatures, water, ice, tremors of the salty soil, all these contribute to the carving of these stones. Delicate Arch is the remain of an old "fin" of rock. Pictographes and petroglyphs can be found here, witnesses of native americans(Fremonts,Utes and later Puebleins) who lived here surviving on the short supplies provided by the desert The pink and red rocks here are made of compressed sands: the sandstone.

North window and
South Window
South Window view
Where is Isabelle?
Delicate Arch
the symbol of Utha
Find the difference
between this picture....
and this one.....
hint: under the arch.
Height:10 m
top right, another small arch we named them: the sentinels

The Fin of Fiery Furnace: A maze of rocks and cliffs where you can only hike guided by a ranger. The hike is very interesting as the ranger usually describe the history and geology of the area.

Difficult path! a double arch
Landscape Arch
96 m from one side to the other The trail is steep The wind is strong here Double O Arch Private Arch
Pine Tree Arch Tunnel Arch Aaaah, water is good
after these hikes under 105F
Petroglyphs Fiery Furnace

A few millions years ago, the solidified salty soil under the rocks raised, creating these walls of rocks, that later became fins, and finally arches under the constant erosion.

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