Patrick Dantressangle

Scotland and Highlands Octobre 2003

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. On Edinburgh location, 340 million years ago, volcanic rock erupted from earth to create a tremendous volcanic cone, eroded later during the glaciation ages to finally only leave enough balsalt to build the castle on it. Inverness is the Highland capital. The tartan is specific of Scotland and it was originally a sign of social rank : 7 colors for high ranking official, one color for servants. Then Families (or clans) designed their own tartans with secret color coding. The Gaelic language is another specific feature of Scotland, still teached in schools in the Highlands and Hebrides and spoken by 75000 people.

village of Blair Atholl Entrance of the Blair
in front of the
Edinburgh castle
The gate
The palace where
the Stuarts leaved
Swords in the Great Hall
The Edinburgh Royal
Only there:Whisky
flavored condoms!
The Loch Ness
Looking for Nessie, still nothing in sight... here it is finally! Urquhart built in 1230
,close to Inverness
Nice Inverness houses
with pink stones
Ullapool: up north in the Highlands Ullapool fisherman
INVEREWE exotic gardens
That's a leaf!!!

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