Patrick Dantressangle

Joshua Tree Ntl Park 4/98

The park of " Joshua Tree " is in the south of California, to 250 km in the East of Los Angeles. The altitude of this area is between 300m and 1800m. The park extends on more than 3000 square kilometres. The tree of Joshua grows here. It is a tree of the family of the yuccas. This last was baptized thus by the Mormons, who saw in his branches drawn up towards the sky the arms of the prophet.This tree can reach a height of 18m. Some of them would have several hundred years. Thousands of trees of Joshua mingle with rocks, and form a strange landscape. Some sheets of the flowers are covered with wax in order to prevent the water loss. Fauna consists of coyottes, 5 kinds of rattlesnakes, the " Roadrunner ", gilded eagle, tarantule, Jackrabbit, squirrel, antelopes dwarf.

The first " Joshua Tree " that we meet No tar on the small roads,and a large respect for this The rattlesnakes live its places. We will not see any Sight on the desert top of a rock block
A little respite at the top of a rock block "White Star" A "Jackrabbit" in the moor coloree One does not escape thus has the objective Under the shade of " Joshua Tree "
Form strange for all the blocks stone The flowers of " Joshua Tree " can reach 45 cm In the foreground 2 " Tree Cholla "

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