Patrick Dantressangle

Monolake 8/98

California Mono Lake current level is 6384.5 feet above sea level. Underwater springs rich in calcium mix with lakewater rich in carbonates since 700 000 years. Tufa towers grow exclusively underwater, and some grow to heights of over 30 feet. We can see alcalin flies, brin shrimp, birds the phalaropes.Imagine! Some of these can be 13000 years old

Some people prefer the liberty, laying on their bikes The lake is surrounded by mountains, even with snow so close to the desert. See the height of the Tufa towers Lot of alcalin flies everywhere just above the water. Can't you see them ? The water level is going down because Los Angeles is pumping from the rivers that feed the lake
Millions of birds stop here during their migration like the phalaropes One million of birds : Sandpipers, Snowy Plovers, White-faced Ibises stay here at different time during the year We were very impressed and happy to see this lake Imagine 13000 year old, and in a few decade these strange monuments will desagregate if not under water The aurorities decided to raise the level of the water to save the Tufa
The heat is dazzling and it's impossible to take a bath: we'd float It's really a amazing area Alcalin flies, moustiques and shrimps are a good meal for them In some years may be the Tufa will be back under water. The level is raising 2 cm (1 inch) per year
Lake Ellery : 9100 feet Tioga Pass : high isn't it ?

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