Patrick Dantressangle

New-York 8/2000 - 6/2002

In 1626 the Island of Manhattan was bought to the Indians. Five districts make it up: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. New York or "The Big APPLE", this name was given by the jazz players. From 1784 to 1790 New York was the capital of the United States. In 1902 for the first time, the architects used an iron frame to build first sky scrapers. From 1892 to 1925, 12 million immigrants arrived. At the beginning of the world war II, Einstein, Stravinski, Brecht come to take refuge there. The canals were embanked to form broad avenues. Buildings of Renaissance style néo-classic, vaults, including one escaped from the revolution with its green cemetery, water tanks out of wood on top of buildings, modern constructions, all this forms one blazing anachronism. The top of the Empire State Building was originally built to moor the zeppelins. In June 2002 we were in New-York and we visited the Metropolitain Museum.

The Skyline. The 2 Twins (410m) of altitude Northern sight from the Empire State Building On right-hand side, the Chrysler building From the Empire State Building: 86th floor from the World Trade Center plaza
Detail of the Fountain
now in Battery park
The old buildings mixe with the modern ones A quite alive statue of Liberty The statue of Liberty Can you see the huge clock?
The Twins The Blue Notes: World famous jazz club. Paint in the street
Water tanks on the roofs A clever system to park more cars
The Woolworth Building The detail of a sculpture from the Woolworth Cows are exposed in all the city
The top of chappelle St Paul and behind it, one of the Twins From the roof of the...
Museum in Mahnatan

Pleasantville, suburbs of New York

The school:typical isn't it ?

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