Patrick Dantressangle

Sequoia Ntl Park 11/97 and 04/2002

This park shelters the most beautiful specimens of sequoia between 1200m and 2400 m of altitude: " Giants Séquoias ". contains oldest of the Sequoias: " the Sherman General ". He has between 2500 and 3000 years. He measures 83,8 m top, 31,3 m of circumference, 11 m in diameter, and 31,3 m at his base. Its trunk weighs 1256 tons. It still enlarges of more than one meter per annum. Its base is broader than a road with 3 ways. One also finds there of the " Redwoods ". The inhabitants of this area were the Indians Powisha and Kaweah, living of hunting, of fishing. The latter made objects in wicker.

True doors out of wooden The " Sherman General "
A sight on the roots The Redwoods and Isabelle

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