Patrick Dantressangle

Tahiti, french polynesia, october 2000

The islands of French Polynesia remain attached to their culture. The religion still holds a significant place  (50% Protestants, 34% catholics, 3,2% Mormons, 2,9% sanitos, 2,5% adventists, 4%  atheists and finally 1,4% of various confessions). The races of pirogues are a big part of the Tahitian life. The island of Tahiti was discovered in 1767 by Samuel Wallis. Composed of two big  juxtaposed volcanos: Tahiti Nui, dominated by the Orohena mount 2240 m, and Tahiti Iti, connected between them by the isthmus of Taravao. Tahiti extends has a surface of 1 045 km2. Tahiti main attraction  remains the artisanal market. Creations of the craftsmen there: collars of shells and black pearls, carved totems, dugouts, masks, shirts and paréos with intense colours, caps and basket made of pandanus, and also local productions of fruits, vegetables, and fish of the day, as well as oils of Monoi ( Monoi means scented oil!), and finally collars and crowns of flowers with amazing fragrances. The majority of the beaches are made of black sand (volcanic origin). In the downtown, the town-hall of PAPEETE inaugurated in 1990, in the street Paul Gauguin, is surrounded by a wonderful garden. The Paul-Gauguin museum and its botanical gardens are located on the west coast, in Papeari. The museum, recalls the life of the doomed painter. While driving to the museum, along the road, curiosities that you cannot miss: the hole of the Blower of Hitiaa (tunnel formed by the brutal cooling of the lava) :It's a hole under the road, where the sea water is engulfed and arisen so violently that it rejects the air in a blow so powerful that it can make you fall. The noise is rather lugubrious, and the water is projected abruptly. You will also discover waterfalls, all of them with legends (Vaimahutu, 100 meters height and cascades of Haamarere Iti, like those of Haamarere Rahi).

Collars of flowers were  given at the airport  In the garden of the hotel Tahiti 's market : "Mapuru a Paraita"  Bananas, basket in pandanus, bottles of monoi  Blue,pink,turquoise fishes
Exuberance of colors Beautiful clothes  of the Tahiti's dresses  Some pareos
A truck : the bus of the islands  The mayor's house  of Tahiti  Its garden  Tahiti's shoreline
Near one of the cascades, some bambous  Faarumai's cascade 
In the garden of the Gauguin's museum  Our diner at the Royal Tahitien

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