Patrick Dantressangle

The lake Tahoe (California) 05/2000

The Washoe indians gave this lake the name of "DA OW". It's one of the biggest lake of California. Its water is pure at 99%: the marsh filters the water that comes down from the mountains. Before it was the gold country, and since 1900 it was an area of vacation for the rich society. We can see some beaches. The beavers, steller's jay, white eagles, mountain lions, raccoons, black bears are an example of animals which live in this area. The beauty of Tahoe is amazing. On clear days the lake is bluer then the sky. Tall peaks surround the lake on all sides. The tallest peak rising from the shoreline is Mt. Tallac at 9,735 feet. The tallest peak in the Tahoe Basin is Freel Peak at 10,881 feet. The Tahoe Basin is relatively forested with various species of pines and conifers. Snow covers the tall peaks most of the year. Occasionally a black bear enter homes if he smells a hot apple pie fresh out of the oven. Strange plants grows like this kind of asparagus that does not photo-synthesize.

It's 22 miles long, 12 miles wide, and has 72 miles of shoreline The bear watch us A tree fall in the lake, gnawed by a beaver Contrasts: hot in the plain and snow on the top of the mountains
Area for holidays in 1900 near the beach "Pope": Ehrman Mansion A really old fashion armchair from the 1900's Some plants Here wood is king. Everybody like sculpting it A lots o boats on the lake
Water or snow skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing, sailing or just laying down on the beach Detail of a redwood tree Panoramic view of the lake taken from the skiing resort: Heavently Emerald Bay view Ruin of a castle, on a small island, in Emerald Bay
The Vinkingsholm castle had build in 1920 Scandinavian architecture Ready to hike down ? It was a residence for the rich society 4 fronts around an interior court compose this building
The detail of the roof One of the 4 entries on the court. This is the main entry. Notice the tin used for the windows The stone and the wood are both intimately used. Can you see the grass on the roof? A strange flower: the snowplant (Sarcodes sanguinea)
A strange animal: civilized ? Fall above the Vinkingsholm castle The Eagle Creek falls flowing down to Emerald bay. Oops! We can find bears too in this area

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