Patrick Dantressangle

Yosemite 8/98

Created in 1890 this park is on the slopes of the Nevada sierra between 600 m and 4000 m of altitude. It covers a surface of 4082 km square. With the glacial surface its valley was covered with glaciers. This canyon is surrounded by granite Domes. Its first inhabitants go back to 10 000 years. It was then inhabited by the Indians " Miwok ". One finds splendid water falls there, forests or the giant sequoias are numerous. Its flora consists of black bears, coyotes, blaireaux, lions of the mountains and several varieties of rodents. The climbing is considered there, in particular that of the Dome " El Capitan ".

Input of the " bed and breakfast ": " The Butterfly A room, show, kitchen with in premium a cooker with the small care for us The mailboxes are sometimes funy An electric car: The " Ev1 "
Which silence "Yosemite Falls" We undertake to go up there Photo catch on the level of half of the cascade Top of the " Yosemite falls". Attention falls vertiginous
The granite Domes dominate the valley, the cascades are thrown to it Jets come to greet us Behind me the canyon of Yosemite which was a time occupied by a glacier "El Capitan" and "Cathedral Rocks"
Seen of " Yosemite Falls ", until the node of which we climbed The "Half Dome" The "Half Dome" seen of the driving path in " Yosemite Falls "
"Vernal Falls" "Vernal Falls" Behind us " Yosemite Falls " The botanists undertook to restore the flora of this era (from the moment this area is prohibited)

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